Glass By Barb

  • View of partial design in computer program.
  • Glass samples case.
  • Barb checking to see if transom opening is square.

Glass by Barb Comes to You

Barb meets with clients in their homes, offices, or (in the case of working with builders, renovators or interior designers) at the house for which the commission is intended. This allows her the opportunity to see the area where the completed stained glass will go and to take pertinent notes to ensure the product will meet the client's needs. Examples of these notes are style, feel, colour palette, measurements, light source and direction, degree of privacy required, structural requirements, and installation considerations. She listens to clients and helps them focus their ideas in order to come up with a direction for design and glass choices.

Back at home, Barb uses that information to create a design on her computer. She emails a mockup of the design, complete with glass colour and textures, to the client for review and input, and makes changes as requested. Clients have the opportunity to view glass samples for colour, transparency and how their choices look together. Project build starts only after the client is satisfied with the design and glass choices and signs off on the contract.

Whether working to a specific design, a type of art (such as Victorian or Craftsman), a "feel" to the design (flowing or structured), a colour palette, a design element or a fixed dollar value, Barb's goal is to provide art the client will love and treasure for a lifetime. She is thrilled when clients say, "That's exactly what I wanted," — even though they started out knowing only that they wanted something in stained glass.

  • Closeup of completed window, showing soldered joints.


Stained or leaded glass art, regardless of its form, should display careful workmanship, in addition to artistic flair. Not only will this result in a structurally sound product, but it also adds to the visual appeal. Barb's philosophy is that a job worth doing is a job worth doing well.

Barb values the complete satisfaction of her clients. To that end, all operational procedures are performed at a level that ensures each creation meets or exceeds the expectations of the client.